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The status of climate action in Malawi

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Policy brief

This brief summarises the state of climate action in Malawi and was used by the government to show their progress at COP26. It covers international policy commitments that Malawi has made, including in its recently-released revised Nationally Determined Contributions.

It also provides a summary of existing and recently-completed adaptation projects, implemented by government, non-government organisations and the private sector, and funded by bilateral and multilateral donors, international climate finance, and with some support from the domestic national budget.

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Roadside market (courtesy of BRACC Hub)

Adaptation projects span the six thematic priority areas for adaptation outlined in the Nationally Determined Contributions (effective and efficient early warning systems; accessible and harmless water; blooming biodiversity, ecosystems and eco-tourism; climate-smart agriculture, livestock and fisheries; climate-proofed infrastructures, buildings and energy systems; and health). They are distributed throughout the districts of the country, with a particular concentration in the Southern Region.