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Young Malawi climate leaders launch a theme song


Young Malawian climate leaders have launched a climate change theme song as part of their advocacy work. The song, entitled “Nyengo Isasinthe” (Let’s stop climate change) features renowned musician Joe Kellz, and was written and produced by the climate leaders under the Malawi Scotland Partnership and 2050 Climate Group.

The song’s rich and catchy content compares climatic trends over the decades and how human activities have contributed to the changes. It talks about the adverse impacts of climate change on people and the environment.

The song calls upon the youth and the elderly to unite in the fight against climate change by coming together to restore the environment and build resilience for current and future generations.

The song could not be more timely as Malawi gears up for the forthcoming UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP26) which will take place this November in Glasgow, United Kingdom. As Malawi is developing its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and National Adaptation Plan, the call for youth voices and participation to inform Malawi’s ambition and negotiation position has never been stronger.

The Malawi Climate Leaders initiative is made up of young Malawians who work in partnership with the 2050 Climate Group, a youthful group advocating for climate action in Scotland. The Scottish government has been funding the initiative for two years now. The aim is to equip young Malawians with opportunities on climate change challenges and solutions. It also empowers them to be confident, capable leaders who are prepared to take action, influence local policy makers and create long-lasting change towards a sustainable future for Malawi.