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Future climate projections for Malawi

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Issues brief

This brief provides an overview of future climate change in Malawi, using results from the latest available climate model simulations. The UMFULA research team of the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) programme has analysed 34 Global Climate Models (GCMs) that provide projections for Malawi to try to distil robust messages and some key trends that may help planning and decision-making.

The brief presents a summary of recent observed rainfall and temperature variability. This is followed by an overview of the range of climate projections available from the leading source of climate model results. A  detailed annex describes the methods and datasets used in the brief and presents a wider range of figures for further reference. A 2 page summary also highlights key findings.

Future climate in  Malawi, credit FCFA
Future climate change in Malawi, credit FCFA