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PROSPER Intervention: Livestock pass-on

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Learning paper

This learning paper summarises the performance of the livestock pass-on initiative under the PROSPER Project which is part of the Building Resilience and Adapting to Climate Change (BRACC) programme.

The PROSPER livestock pass-on intervention was aimed at helping households initiate livestock rearing as an alternative income source, as well as a store of wealth that could be utilised in the case of shocks (building absorptive capacity). As well as providing livestock to beneficiaries, PROSPER also provided training and starter supply packs for community animal health workers to enable them to provide vaccines and other care for the livestock.

Cows in a Malawi village (courtesy of BRACC hub)


The learning paper has been produced as part of the 2021 evaluation of the BRACC programme. The evaluation found that livestock pass-on was a very popular initiative that built assets, enabled production of manure to reach soils, and contributed to improved nutrition. Enablers of this success included transparent project design and compliance procedures, whereby everyone was clear on how the pass-on to the next beneficiaries should work, and the support of the community animal health workers. Challenges included issues early on with procurement, and some concerns with potential livestock theft.