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Value for Money in the Building Resilience and Adapting to Climate Change programme

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Learning paper

As part of the BRACC 2021 evaluation, an assessment was carried out on a number of Value for Money (VfM) aspects. The investigations focused mainly on the efficiency category of VfM, and themes such as cost efficiency and timeliness, whilst effectiveness was addressed elsewhere within the evaluation. The Value for Money learning paper summarises the findings.

The evaluation was based on weak to medium strength of evidence as the ODA cuts prevented full implementation of the VfM Strategy. Nonetheless, the evaluation found that, to a large extent, the milestones on outputs and outcomes as articulated in the programme logframe were delivered on time, despite challenges presented by Covid-19.

Budget uncertainty and cuts did affect the quality of financial management and the partners' ability to pursue adaptive management, although overall performance on fund utilisation and cost-conscious financial management were found to be satisfactory to good. There was good awareness of input costs but less awareness of the costs of delivery, with the cost of delivery of outputs not known for all components. Having such data is essential for basic cost benefit comparison for interventions. 

The report concludes with recommendations for Value for Money going forwards in similar programmes.