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PROSPER Intervention: Index and area yield agricultural insurance

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Learning paper

This learning paper summarises the performance of the index and area yield agricultural insurance under the PROSPER Project which is part of the Building Resilience and Adapting to Climate Change (BRACC) programme.

The PROSPER index and area yield insurance schemes provided subsidised insurance to participants in order to cushion the risk of crop loss due to adverse weather conditions.

shrivelled maize
Insurance can help to cushion impacts of weather-induced crop losses (courtesy of BRACC hub)


The learning paper has been produced as part of the 2021 evaluation of the BRACC programme. The evaluation found that, although participants had generally positive views of insurance, the agricultural insurance offered under PROSPER appears to have had little positive impact on household resilience. Uptake was generally low. Issues with the design and implementation, including lack of transparency on payouts and lack of processes for accountability, hampered trust in the product, and few respondents indicated willingness to buy it again.