Climate change policy

Malawi's climate is already changing - land surface temperatures are up by at least 1 degree Celsius in the last century and more changes lie ahead. Rainfall patterns are shifting, too, and extreme weather events will be more frequent. Malawi will have to adapt. The BRACC programme is looking to support Malawi's implementation of domestic climate policies, and also to showcase Malawian good practice on the international stage, for example, at the COP26 climate conference in November 2021. 

Outputs from the 2021 BRACC evaluation now available

Following the 2021 evaluation of the Building Resilience and Adapting to Climate Change (BRACC) programme, a number of outputs have now been published presenting results and reflecting on key lessons learned around the design, implementation and monitoring of resilience building and adaptation interventions.

Sustainability of early warning systems

Issues brief
This discussion paper synthesises the state of knowledge on the sustainability of early warning systems (EWS), how they are currently employed in Malawi, and challenges to, and opportunities for, their sustainability.

Catchment protection and management in Malawi: A review

Issues brief
This discussion paper synthesises evidence on the role catchment protection and management (watershed management) can play in addressing Malawi’s coupled challenges of environmental restoration, poverty reduction and climate change adaptation.

Crisis Modifier

Learning paper

This learning paper summarises the evaluation of the crisis modifier function under the PROSPER Project which is part of the Building Resilience and Adapting to Climate Change (BRACC) programme.