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Outputs from the 2021 BRACC evaluation now available


Following the 2021 evaluation of the Building Resilience and Adapting to Climate Change (BRACC) programme, a number of outputs have now been published presenting results and reflecting on key lessons learned around the design, implementation and monitoring of resilience building and adaptation interventions.

The synthesis brief of the 2021 evaluation distils overall key findings of the evaluation, including an impact evaluation based on a randomised control trial design combined with qualitative data analysis.

Briefs present the implementation experience and outcomes of the interventions implemented under PROSPER, namely access to finance, cash for inputs, index and area yield agricultural insurance, and livestock pass-on.

Briefs also present evaluation findings of key aspects of programme design and impacts, namely overall programme design, the role and function of the crisis modifier, value for money, spillover effects of the programme, and how design promoted gender equality and social inclusion

overview of the BRACC programme


Given the interest in resilience measurement for the National Resilience Strategy and others, there is a synthesis paper on resilience measurement in the BRACC programme, which distils key lessons from elsewhere, as well as a brief on lessons learned that highlights how the BRACC programme measured resilience

A number of discussion papers have also been published. Most of these were produced in early 2021 to inform BRACC's research and learning agenda, and outline the current state of the art on key issues, including catchment protection and management, nature-based solutions for flood mitigation, sustainability of early warning systems, and breaking the cycle of poverty and food insecurity.